This page and supporting community campaign has arisen due to opposition to the proposed expansion of the Wing drone delivery service beyond the initial trials that have already occurred in Bonython (Tuggeranong).

There was significant community opposition to the initial trials. Probably the greatest amount of complaint and objection has come from the noise that the service creates. The noise has proven incredibly intrusive for a residential area, being liken to the scream of a Formula 1 race car engine or aerial lawnmowers. Unfortunately due to lack of current legislation and regulation residents have been given no ability to lodge noise complaints as all the government agencies absolved themselves of responsibility.

There are also the issues of privacy and safety that have not been properly addressed with legislation around these issues being somewhat vague.

Whilst not having total opposition to the use of drones for specific commercial purposes, the current lack of appropriate legislation and regulation to control aspects such as noise, privacy and impact on the environment (predominately wildlife) creates issues where the commercial business objectives of the proponents clash with the amenity that the public expects in residential areas.