Drone Noise is just the thin edge of the wedge.

The Sydney Morning Herald (23/4/19) has an article outlining that Sydney Local Councils are arguing that relaxation of noise impacts from aircraft flights will have a detrimental “broad impact on community health and general productivity“.

This is a battle that has been fought for years in Sydney and is only getting worse and they don’t even have the prospect of commercial drone deliveries to contend with yet.

Meanwhile, here in the ACT the local government has already determined it doesn’t care about the impact the drone noise will have in residential areas by adopting a “do nothing” approach despite the fact that they have the power to regulate all local business operations in a way that will not conflict with Federal Legislation.

This is totally unacceptable. If you are opposed to Noise from Drone operations in residential areas, make your voice heard. Let your local MLAs know, tell the businesses that will be partnering with Wing that you are not happy and spread the word with your friends and neighbours.