Project Wing’s ability to fly ‘clipped’ as Federal Department admits that drone noise is still an ongoing issue.

NoDrone.Zone Media Release – 16 April 2019

Correspondence received from the Department of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development has confirmed that approval required for full commercial operations of Project Wing’s drone deliveries in Canberra’s north has still not been issued and remains contingent on further consideration around noise approvals.

We contacted representatives of the Department to inquire why Project Wing was being permitted to fly illegally without proper aircraft noise approvals”, said NoDrone.Zone spokesperson Jon Reynolds, “The response we have received clearly indicates that the Department has still not determined that the Wing drones do not present a noise problem.

Former Australian aviation regulator Ian McIntyre had correctly asserted that Project Wing’s Australian operations have been illegal since they began operations in 2014, as there had been a failure to obtain the appropriate noise approvals under the Air Navigation – Aircraft Noise Regulations 2018.

Project Wing have been continually stating on the public record that they have been fully compliant with Australian aviation regulations, yet when challenged through the Australian regulator it appears to confirm that they have been operating illegally,” claimed Mr. Reynolds. “Wing desperately want to give the impression that noise from their drones is not an issue and this is clearly not the case,” Mr. Reynolds concluded.

During Wing drone delivery trials in the Tuggeranong area, the Bonython Against Drones Action Group had identified that noise from the Wing drones was a serious issue.

Under the Aircraft Noise Regulations, the engagement of an aircraft in air navigation that has had and is likely to have a significant noise impact on the public are clear grounds for revocation of approval to operate.